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Welcome to 7th Grade Band at shaker junior high school   2018/2019

Welcome to Shaker Junior High School and 7th Grade Band!  I am looking forward to working with all of you this year.  I know the band is going to sound great and that you will all work to be the very best you can be!

At the beginning of the year, each student will be assigned to a lesson group and given a practice record sheet.  The date and time for each lesson for the entire year is listed on this sheet!  The practice record sheet should be used to write down the weekly assignment, keep track of practice time, and record parent signature.  The band teachers will also write their initials on the form to let parents know that the student has shown us their sheet.  If students lose their sheets, replacements are available (for free!), so please let us know right away if they are lost.  If they are lost on the day before the lesson, writing practice time down on a separate sheet of paper is acceptable, as long as parents put their initials on it.  Lessons will start the week of September 17th. 

As students move from grade to grade, it can become increasingly difficult to find enough time to practice regularly.  Make sure to set aside time to practice and stick with a schedule.  Some weeks, the material assigned may not take much practice time, but other weeks will take more time.  Adjust accordingly, and keep in mind that the students’ grade is based on preparation and performance of the material assigned.  I do NOT grade on the amount of minutes practiced, although the amount of time practiced can give me an idea of how you will perform the assigned material!  The material doesn’t need to be perfect, but adequate improvement and advancement is required for full credit.

We will be getting out information about the after school select groups over the first two weeks of school.  Auditions for Jazz Ensemble and Select Band will begin the week of September 17th.

Parents can reach me at 783-1341, ext. 4727 and/or at with any questions or to get more information.


Let’s have a great year!

band teachers

Mr. Dan Chouiniere (pronounced "Shoe-in-ear") - 7th Grade Band and Lessons, Select Band

Mr. Omar Williams - 8th Grade Band and Lessons, Jazz Ensemble 

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